We are insurance asset management.

As a pioneer in insurance asset management, DWS started working with insurance companies in 1929. Trust, knowledge and customized solutions crafted over time are what we deliver insurers.

Our global platform delivers multi-asset investment programs in an insurance context across active and passive fixed-income, equity, alternative, cash, and ESG strategies. It is supported by an understanding of the dynamics and complexities of insurance investing in a constrained environment that is subject to state regulations, solvency requirements, rating agency considerations, reporting and accounting standards.

AUM, Firm Distribution


Product Description

Life Ins Gen Acct 3rd Prty $93.19
P&C / Non-Life Ins Gen Acct 3rd Party $105.71
Ins Gen Acct Affiliated $0
All Other Firm AUM $0
Total Firm AUM $198.9

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